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What are Escape Plan Travels?

Escape Plan Trips are proposals for organized tours (tour circuits), created, managed and programmed by the Escape Plan for several countries, with the possibility of integrating all tourist services, from accommodation, transportation, visits to the main attractions, restaurants and other services.


What are tourist circuits?

Tours are travel programs organized to one or several destinations, with pre-set times and routes and include visits accompanied by specialized guides to areas of tourist, historical, cultural and / or landscape interest, allowing to discover new places and cultures with all the convenience and safety.


Does Escape Plan only sell circuit travel?

No. In addition to circuit travel, Plano de Escape sells individual trips where the customer can choose which destination to visit, what dates, where to stay and what services to use.


Does Escape Plan, besides travel, sell isolated services such as Hotels, Transfers and Tours?

Yes. Through the Escape Plan website you can search, browse and book isolated products like Hotels, Transfers and Tours around the world. You can also go to one of our branches or request information / quotes by phone or email.


What are the escape plan circuits like?

Escape Plan circuits offer the best quality at the best price on the market. At Plano de Escape we are rigorous in scheduling our trips to offer unique, unforgettable and enriching experiences.

Will the prices shown on the Escape Plan website change by booking a Travel Escape Plan at a travel agency?

The prices shown on the website and Escape Plan Brochures are PVP (sale price to the public), and there is no payment of additional amounts (except any administrative expenses or changes in fees, if any).


How does the all inclusive regime work?

All-inclusive tours usually offer all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Drinks and coffees may be included (in Portugal) or not (abroad);


What documentation is required to travel?

To make your trip you should check that you have your travel documentation such as airline tickets, hotel vouchers, transfers and tours. As identification documents, within the European Union, you must carry a valid Identity Card or Citizen Card. For travel outside the European Union, you must have a valid passport. For travel to the United States of America, in addition to your passport, you must apply for an E.S.T.A (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) entry permit. There are even countries where you may need to purchase Consular Visas. This information does not require you to consult our Travel Agency for more information.


What are the cancellation deadlines and conditions for a reservation?

Cancellation terms and conditions for a reservation vary by product. For more information you should consult the cancellation policies of the product you want.


What are guaranteed matches?

Guaranteed departures are trips where there is no minimum registration, so the trip is not in danger of being canceled.


Is the Escape Plan present in Social Networks?

Yes. The Escape Plan is present on the Facebook Social Network. Visit us and follow our pages.


Can prices change?

The prices on this site were calculated based on the rates and exchange rates in force at the time. Any change in currency or fuel costs, port charges, airport, fuel as well as transportation costs of any kind may be subject to adjustment.


I have a reservation made can I cancel it? What are the cancellation charges?

Please refer to the “General Conditions” on this site.


What are the rules at the airport right now?

Only small quantities of liquids may be carried in your carry-on luggage. These liquids must be in individual packages with a maximum capacity of 100ml each. These packagings shall be placed in a transparent, hermetically sealed plastic bag of a maximum capacity of one liter per passenger.


The following are considered liquid:

  • Water and other beverages, soups and syrups;
  • Creams, lotions and oils;
  • Perfumes;
  • Sprays;
  • Gel, including hair and shower gel;
  • Pressure packaging contents, including shaving foam, other foams and deodorants;
  • Pastes, including toothpaste;
  • Mixtures of solid liquids;
  • Any other substances of similar consistency

In order to facilitate liquid detection you should:

  • Display all liquids carried at safety and x-ray check for verification.
  • Remove the jacket and / or overcoat. These will be checked separately as you go through the x-ray.
  • Remove laptops and other electrical devices from your carry-on luggage. These will be checked separately as you pass the x-ray.

For more information see “Prohibited Flight Materials”.


I will travel accompanied by a minor. What should I do?

National legislation, in particular Article 23 of DL 138/2006 of 26 July, stipulates that national minors, when unaccompanied by those exercising parental authority, can only leave national territory by displaying an authorization for this purpose. . In both cases, this authorization must be in a written document, dated and signed by the person exercising the legally certified parental responsibility, as well as conferring monitoring powers by duly identified third parties.

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